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04.+05. Oktober 2018

Strategy Meeting VB IMTE - International Meeting on Teacher Education

In 2019, the “International Meeting on Teachers Education” (IMTE) is taking place at the University of Cologne. Its objective is to establish contacts and develop ideas for cooperation in the field of teacher education, such as the initiation of an exchange at the level of postgraduates or others.

In order to realize IMTE in 2019, we are hosting a strategy meeting in 2018 inviting various universities with existing cooperations with the University of Cologne in the field of teacher education or the intention of establishing a cooperation.

The aim of this meeting is to discuss all relevant questions regarding the content and structure of the upcoming conference.

Conference Venue: Classen-Kappelmann-Str. 24, Room S253
Begin: Oct. 4th, 12:00
End: Oct. 5th, 14:30

For further information please contact Dr.' Julia Suckut (julia.suckut@uni-koeln.de).