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To prepare the meeting and to facilitate a fruitful exchange we asked you to complete a preparatory task consisting of two parts. Your input will be finally used to structure the roundtables and the workshops. On this page you can find all information on these preparatory tasks as well as the inputs provided by you.

Part 2 of the preparatory task

Please read the contributions from the other participants (see below).

What are the questions regarding the benefits and challenges of digitalisation you would like to discuss during IMTE 2019 / are most relevant for IMTE 2019?

Please consider that for each of our roundtable-topics:

  • teacher professionalisation
  • linguistic diversity
  • inclusion
  • migration.

If possible, the questions should address three of the four different thematic fields.

Please send in your questions until the 8th of September via IMTE-2019@uni-koeln.de . We will use those to plan the roundtables and to prestructure the further elements.

Answers for preparatory task - part 1
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